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About Us

About Us

Meet the worker-owners


Helen the worker-owner

Helen was born and raised in Minnesota. She has been interested in soil health and agriculture ever since her first farm job at age 14. Helen has been with Northfield Curbside Compost since its founding in 2017, and primarily fills the roles of compost collector and bookkeeper within the business. Helen splits her time between NCC, chicken farming, and performing and teaching folk and bluegrass music. 


Grace the worker-owner

Grace is from Mankato and grew up composting in her backyard. She was confused when she learned not everyone else composted, and has loved bringing composting to the people every week since she became a worker-owner in 2018. When working, Grace is usually collecting compost, answering emails and calls, or doing the tech stuff needed to keep the co-op up and running.


Molly grew up in the sunny state of Arizona and made her way to Northfield. She is new to composting and is learning a lot. You can see her responding to emails and occasionally picking up compost. When she’s not composting she’s working with kids at the Key.


Bec the worker-owner

Bec was born and raised in southeastern PA and started backyard composting to help with their garden needs when they realized how much money could be saved by not throwing away their family’s organic waste. They relocated Northfield in 2021 soon joined Northfield Curbside Compost as a worker-owner. When Bec is not hiking with Beefy the French bulldog, you can find them working outside in the garden or at an organic chicken farm.


Cliff the worker-owner

Cliff is an organic farmer in a worker co-op, a union organizer, and a community/climate justice organizer in addition to being an NCC worker-owner.

A Brief History of Northfield Curbside Compost Worker Co-op

Northfield Curbside Compost is a group of passionate people dedicated to finding local solutions to environmental and social issues. Our mission is to reduce waste filling up the Rice County landfill and lower local greenhouse gas emissions, while creating quality local jobs and providing an excellent service for our customers! We started collecting compost in the summer of 2017 after years of research and planning.

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    What is a Worker Co-op?

    We are a business owned, managed and run by the workers! This means each of us has equal say in the day-to-day operations and the long-term goals/directions of the co-op. We feel this is the best way to run our business because it means we are each invested in and responsible for the growth and sustainability of the co-op, and we as the workers know what is best for our workplace. You can read more about the benefits of workers co-ops here.

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    We are people who love community, curbs, and compost.